Monday, 24 July 2017

Thrift Shop 2: Six Reasons to love Thrift Shops

The thrift shop is a place of untold treasures - and I love it for cultivating my personal style.

Dress - $14.99 CAD

Here are some of the reasons I can't walk past a good thrift shop:

  •  Cost - Of course, when your main goal in life is to get something for less, the thrift shop is a great place to start. Last week, I bought a ton of new outfits for a relatively small amount of money. I did the same thing about a month ago, leaving me with about $85 spent and 20+ new outfits. It doesn't matter how good you are at hunting down bargains; you're not getting Tommy Hilfiger or Silver Jeans for $15 anywhere else. 
  • It lets me play with my style a bit - Clothing is a huge part of how we express ourselves. I know I have a very specific style (Jeans, black shirt, cat hair) and I have had that style, paired with a funky haircut and minimal makeup for years now. Thrift shopping allows me to try something I wouldn't normally without paying an arm and a leg. I don't want to spend $50 to wear something once or twice and realise I really don't like the look. At a higher price, I wouldn't have bought those orange pants. At $15, though, I am so glad I did! They are fun, bright and let me play around with a colour that I normally wouldn't wear.

Capris - $14.99 CAD, Print top - $5.99 CAD, Butterfly shrug - $4.99 CAD
  •  I am hard on clothes - I spill, I sweat and I completely destroy clothing. when I got married, more than one person commented (surprisedly) that I hadn't spilled anything on my very white wedding dress. Buying in thrift means I can buy clothing that I like, but if it gets destroyed (as is my want), it isn't going to break the bank to replace those pieces. 
  • It's a treasure hunt - I love both consignment and thrift, but I always feel more proud when I find something really cool at the thrift store. The workers at the consignment shop have already done the hard work and found the best pieces - it's more a matter of finding something that suits your taste/style and sizing requirements. Don't get me wrong, I love consignment and have found some phenomenal gems in them, but for the true treasure hunt, it's thrift all the way.
Pants - $14.99 CAD, Owl shirt - $7.99 CAD

  • It's another way to recycle and reuse - Husband and I are working hard to live a greener life lately, and thrift is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Your clothing will be unique to you - I have been complimented more on my thrift shop finds (especially my dresses) than any other pieces of clothing I own. I get asked a lot, "where did you find that dress?" People don't believe me when I say it's thrift. I love that I have something completely different from everyone else. If you're handy with a needle and thread, you can even go one step further, do some alterations and create something completely new out of an already cool find! 
 My friend started me on thrift shopping when I began college; since then (eight years ago), I have learned to love the hunt and put together some great outfits!

What are your favourite parts of thrift shopping?  What would you add to the list? Let me know in the comments below.


PS - If you missed part one, see it here.

 Sometimes you find something really absurd, like...

Unicorn onesie - $4.00 CAD
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  1. Absurd finds are the best! I love those capris on you, such a fun colour!

    Thanks for the shout-out,too! 😘

    1. Well, you did! And thanks. It was a little out of my comfort zone, but I'm glad I got them.

  2. Lovely pictures and really nice finds! Being a Fashion Journalism student I really enjoyed reading this post.

    Faye Jessica x