Monday, 10 July 2017

Budgeting while Buying in Bulk

Buying in bulk will save you big bucks in the long run.


Costco, or warehouse stores like it have been telling consumers that by shopping at their stores and buying larger quantities of food in one go will help your bottom line, budget-wise. As a seasoned budgeter who spends her time clipping coupons and price-matching flyers, I can honestly say it depends how you go about it. I recently made a trip to Costco with my husband and decided to break down the costs of each item and compare the savings.

On this trip, we spent $102 (before taxes). Below I have marked out the Costco price, the average local grocery store price and the difference between the two.

All of the products Husband and I bought while we were at Costco this weekend, numbered for your convenience.

1. Granny Smith Apples – Costco - $8.99 for 6lbs
            Local Grocery Store – avg $6.50 for 4 lbs
            Savings = $0.12 per pound
2. Name Brand Cereal – Costco - $8.99 for 1.4 kg
                      Local grocery Store – avg. $6.50 for 700g
            Savings = $4.01 on equal amounts (1.4 kg) of cereal
3. Dempster’s 100% Whole Wheat Bread – Costco - $5.99 for 3 loaves
            Local Grocery Stores – avg. $2.50 pr loaf (or more)
            Savings - $0.50 per loaf, $1.50 total
4. Pre-bagged Salad – Costco - $3.59 for 1 supermarket-sized bag
            Local Grocery Store – avg. $3.99 per bag
            Savings - $0.40 per bag
5. Organic Strawberries – Costco - $5.99 for 2 lbs
            Local Grocery Store – avg. $5.00 per lb
            Savings - $4.01 on equal amounts (2 lbs) of strawberries
6. Vegan Protein Powder – Costco - $29.99 for 1 tub (34 servings)
            Local Grocery Store – avg. $45.00 per 1 tub (34 servings)
            Savings - $15.01 for 1 tub
7. Nature Valley Granola Bars – Costco - $11.99 for 36 bars
            Local Grocery Store – avg. $2.50 for 6 bars
            Savings - $3.01 for equal number (36) of bars
8. Optico Professional Glasses Wipes – Costco - $11.79 for 144 wipes
            On Amazon – avg. $28.97 for 144 wipes
            Savings - $17.18 for 144 wipes
9. Costco Store Brand (Kirkland) shampoo – Costco - $14.99 for 2  1.5L bottles (salon grade)
            Salon Grade Shampoo – avg. 23.00 per 1.5L
            Savings - $31.01 on equal amounts (3L total) Shampoo
Total Saved on this trip - $76.31

 The savings look great, right?

Well, they definitely are if you're going to use all of the product (this will be covered in a later post). We have spent a lot of time going through both Costco and the grocery stores comparing prices, keeping track of sales, and carefully deciding what we should buy where. The fact is, there are a lot of things we won't buy at Costco. Meat, for instance - We have generally found that we can find meat on sale for better prices at the grocery stores. We don't eat a ton of meat and the bulk amounts don't make sense for us.

Make sure to do your research and don't just take the warehouse stores at their word. There are a lot of phenomenal deals to be found in bulk - if you do it right.

Do you have any favourite warehouse finds you would like to share? Leave them in the comments below!


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