Friday, 4 August 2017

GUEST POST - Earning with your Phone and Laptop

How you can increase your income with no starting capital and no special knowledge

Hi there! My name is Steve from and Ashley has been kind of enough to invite me to talk with all of you about earning on your phone and laptop. You all seem to be focused on budgeting and creatively saving money. I do the same, however, I think that these extra earning methods would be a great way to increase your income, allowing for either more savings or a nice treat now and again! I’m sure many of you have already reduced your spending habits as far as you can, so supplementing your income will be a great way to either reward yourself every once in a while or turbo-charge your journey to a savings goal.
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When Ashley asked me to introduce you all to an earning method, I considered many options. I could have talked about a number of methods that require some money down, like index fund investing, starting a small business or flipping domain names. I also could have talked about an income method that required specific skills, like app development. However, I settled on phone and laptop earning because it requires neither. These methods are incomes streams that require NO starting capital and NO knowledge - so you have NO excuses to not get started with them today! Here are my favourite methods below.
  1. Lockscreens. I used to be big into lockscreens, even running five at once at one point. Recently, though, I have reduced the number of lockscreens on my phone to 3, due to SlideJoy’s decreased earnings. They now include Adme, Smores, and Fronto. I may get rid of Fronto as well, due to their app’s buggy behaviour. Use my Amde code, vPTmE0i4BX, and Smores code U0GZQR, for bonuses. At the moment, the lockscreens earn me about $10 per month – the equivalent of owning $750 worth of stock paying a 4% quarterly dividend! I’ll take that kind of earning any day.
  2. Robinhood is a fee-free stock trading app that is a great way to put those lockscreen earnings to work! I wrote up a brief description of some strategies a few days ago if you’d like some tips to get started. Use my link for a free stock worth between 3 and 250 dollars!
  3. Panel App is an app that tracks your location and asks occassional questions about your experiences at certain shops and parks. I consider this method passive, since the questions only come about once per week for two minutes, and it earns me about $25 dollars per year.
  4. Lastly, ebesucher is still chugging away for me, earning $10 a month without any work on my part. It is a surfbar site, where you open a tab in their site and then minimise it and let it run in the background. Ebesucher will automatically visit various paid advertisers who are trying to get their page visits up, but you don’t need to actually look at the sites that the tab visits. Easy passive income!

Those are the earning methods I’ve found useful enough to keep on my phone and laptop lately. How are you all earning side income? Do you know of any apps or sites I should check out? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for letting me help you all out!

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