Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Say NO - Stick to your Budget


Just no.

It's only two letters long, but that word can have a lot of impact on your day-to-day living, especially when it comes to savings and budgeting.

It's OK to say no. (License- Creative Commons)

As I mentioned, last week was my anniversary. Husband and I kept it relatively low-key due to slightly tighter funds, but we had a plan and we had every intention of sticking to it. Naturally, this, the time when cash is low, is the time when some of my friends came out of the woodwork and decided to suggest we get together for a nice lunch.

Frankly, I didn't have the money. everything was either tied up in my budget, savings or celebrating.
I said I couldn't go out.

I was frank with my friends and said that this week wasn't good because Matt and I had planned something for the weekend (but that I would either love to get together for coffee or reschedule for later). Everyone was understanding and nobody gave me any grief for choosing not to overspend.
This idea may seem trivial, but it is actually a very important lesson. I could have put it on my credit card or just gone out and spent the money, but I didn't. I chose to keep to my budget.

I have heard so many people say it's embarrassing that you can't go out. Why? Everyone has weeks like that. We all have that extra expense that steals away the extra bit of "fun" money we have set aside. Whether it be a car repair, an appliance replacement or a mini-vacation, all of these are things you have chosen to put your money toward. That's not embarrassing; that's responsible.

Money is finite.

That's ok.

That's why you should feel fine saying "no."


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