Monday, 7 August 2017

Wine can help you Connect

It's time to Connect with your friends.

The weekend before last, Husband and I had the opportunity to go out sailing with a couple friends of ours, K and M.

This is the third time we have been sailing with  K and M and when we go on these trips, Husband and I never like to show up empty-handed. Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I like to show my appreciation through food and drink.

$15.95 At the LCBO -- Source: LCBO Website
We live just outside of Niagara Region and are fortunate enough to be blessed with an abundance of cherries and peaches around this time of year. We picked up a nice bag of local cherries along with some (as local as possible) strawberries and of course, grabbed a bottle of wine. 

This time around we went with another Southbrook wine. The Connect Organic White is a lovely wine with a slight sweetness that is fantastic on a nice hot day. When you pour this wine you will immediately smell citrus (mostly lime) and mango notes. This wine definitely classifies as off-dry to mildly sweet, so it has a bit of staying power on the palate. The wine balances citrus and sweetness well and drinks very smoothly. I strongly suggest serving it ice-box cold as I find it loses a little something if it gets too warm. This wine would be relatively versatile and could be paired with a variety of dishes. Personally, I would serve this as a pre-dinner glass with a fruit-and-cheese tray.

I thought this wine was a perfect ending to a gorgeous day of sun, sailing, fickle winds and friendship. When we got back to the harbour (not allowed to be drinking without being docked or anchored), we opened the bottle, pulled out the patio (read: plastic) wine glasses and said a good "cheers" to one another. We laughed about the day and our ridiculous lack of wind. We reminisced about our other times on the boat together. We talked about the tanker that came thundering into Hamilton Harbour (it was actually very cool). We laughed about our other misadventures. We ate some local fruit enjoyed some wine.

Honestly, it was an amazing way to end our time on the boat.

In my life, community and family have always been built around food and drink and I have carried this tradition well into adulthood. I believe that almost anything can be better with good food, good friends and good drinks... not always in that order.

Check out Connect Organic White the next time you are meeting with friends so you can share something great while making new memories.


***** The Connect White was provided by Southbrook Winery for me to write a review. The ideas in this post are 100% my own. *****

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